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Strategic design, innovation
& digital transformation.

Strengthen your value proposition by
cultivating a user-centric mindset.

Why we are here:

Encourage the creation of innovative and competitive companies.

Innovation is a key piece that allows organizations to be ready to face the challenges within a changing environment.

We believe that by adopting a people-centered mentality, we can strengthen our value proposition and thereby improve the experience of our users; that’s why we created Sandbox.

What is Sandbox

Sandbox consists of a series of courses and workshops on innovation and digital transformation, with a user-centric approach through design methodologies.

Our Objectives

Available Courses

Innovation 101


Next dates: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Start triggering innovation within your company with a people-centered vision

Innovation 101, is a course focused on training in innovation and digital transformation within companies, through design methodologies and tools that allow participants to detect opportunities in the different business areas and be able to developed an actionable plan to find different solutions.

C-level executives, managers and decision makers within companies, who are interested in adopting a mentality of change and improvement, through innovation and digital transformation.

It is necessary to have the minimum participation of 2 people per company, so that the identified challenges can be implemented and receive adequate follow-up to promote change within their organizations.

→ What is innovation?
→ Digital transformation
→ User-centric mindset
→ Design methodologies
→ Business challenge development

In person, at the REDI facilities
(C. Manuel López Cotilla #1505, Col Americana, Lafayette, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal)

15 hours divided in 5 sessions

August 16, 2022

*To secure the course quality, participants must meet certain requirements as well as the company in which they work.

Innovation 101


Coming Soon!

Trigger innovation in your personal projects or in your company with a people-centered vision.

Innovation 101 Persona, this course is focused on understanding the subject of innovation, what are the key aspects and what are the design methodologies to achieve it. The participants will be able to identify business challenges, they will identify where to start and finally how to execute them.

Courses customized
for companies

Our goal is to share knowledge and co-create a work plan with you to apply it in your company.

We adapt to the needs of your company. We will carry out an initial survey to identify the needs and propose a personalized program.

We want Sandbox to be the beginning
of your path in digital transformation