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The user as origin and destination.

By putting the user at the center of every decision, the success of the project is ensured and the generation of value for your company.

APTO - Innovación en Diseño Estratégico y de Producto

Where to begin?


Achieving digital transformation can be a great challenge for enterprises, especially when the path to accomplish it is unknown.

The objective of this stage is to attain a general understanding of the current situation of the company, the relationship with their collaborators, the present experience with their clients and the technological infrastructure. With this, we aim to identify and prioritize possible innovation roadmaps that impact the digital transformation strategy.

How to frame the project?

Innovation Quadrants

Based on your goals, we identify the innovation quadrant in which to focus the project. Whether you are looking to improve existing products, take them to new markets, reinforce the core of your business with new products and services, or venture into new verticals; our projects will lead you to focus innovation with the strategy that best suits you.





How to develop the project?

The process

All our projects start with a challenge, accompanied by a question: What do we want to achieve?
Once the objective has been defined, the project goes through four main stages.

1 - Cuadrante de Innovación - Reforzar

APTO - Innovación en Diseño Estratégico y de Producto



Shared vision of the goal

In the first stage, the main objective is to achieve a shared vision. The challenge, objectives and context of the project are defined.



of the user and the market

This stage identifies the pain points and the value generators of the users, understanding the journey that they travel within their experience with a product or service.

2 - Cuadrante de Innovación - Extender

APTO - Innovación en Diseño Estratégico y de Producto

3 - Cuadrante de Innovación - Crecer

APTO - Innovación en Diseño Estratégico y de Producto



Co-creation with the client

At this stage the focus is on identifying the possible innovation routes for the product or service, generating the first concepts and defining the key functionalities within the new experience.

4 - Cuadrante de Innovación - Diversificar

APTO - Innovación en Diseño Estratégico y de Producto



New Customer Journey

Here we refine and define together with stakeholders the innovation routes, we design the ideal experience, the prototype (MVP) and the strategy towards the pilot test.